You have decided to list your home for sale

Congratulations on you decision to sell your home. That’s a big step, now what you need is a real estate advisor who will work with you to prepare you for the market and help you find the perfect buyer. Lyne & Dominique have the market knowledge and experience to help during this very exciting time. Call Lyne Burton and/or Dominique Milne at +1 613.701.9511 today!

In the meantime, we have pulled together this checklist for selling your home. First, compile a list of repairs and projects you will have to do to get your home ready to sell.

  • Factor in closing costs, expect to pay about 1% of the home’s sale price.

  • Factor in costs of repairs, projects and staging.

  • Factor in moving expenses.

  • With Lyne and Dominique’s help, set the price of the home.

  • Prepare documents relevant to an interested buyer i.e. prior year’s tax bill, annual utility bills, permits for additions, floor plans, pools, etc.

  • Prepare list of items to be included and excluded from the sale.

  • Complete the repairs and projects.

  • Once the home is staged and ready to go live, Lyne and Dominique will implement the marketing plan discussed at first meeting.

  • Upon receipt of an offer, Lyne and Dominique will negotiate for the best price and terms, working hard on your behalf.

  • Once offer is accepted, anticipate buyer’s inspections and repair requests.

  • If applicable, inspection report will be reviewed, responded to and negotiations completed.

  • Make repairs and gather appropriate receipts.

  • Call movers to reserve date.

  • Call utility companies two weeks prior to closing to terminate the services.

  • Redirect your mail.

  • Sign documents at lawyer’s office three days before closing or sooner.

  • Gather all keys – mailbox, door, storage area, etc. - fobs, garage door openers, warranties and leave in drawer in kitchen.

  • You have sold your home and are on your way to your new destination!

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Why use a Realtor®?

Let’s begin by mentioning that not every real estate salesperson or broker is a REALTOR®. That term and the familiar Block “R” logo are trademarked by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) in association with the National Association of REALTORS® in the United States. CREA also owns the MLS® trademark. Both trademarked logos can only be used in Canada by members of CREA who accept and respect a strict Code of Ethics.

The MLS® database is operated by member boards in various provinces and in Ontario by real estate boards belonging to the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). The boards provide an ongoing inventory of available properties and ensure maximum exposure of properties listed for sale. Most resale homes in Ontario are listed and sold through the MLS® systems of a member real estate board.

For peace of mind, ensure the individual seeking to represent you is both a registrant of the Real Estate Council of Ontario and a member of OREA – permitted to be called a REALTOR®. Check the RECO website for a searchable list of registrants.

The Role of the Realtor®

The typical actions, research steps, procedures, processes and review stages taken by a REALTOR® to complete a successful residential real estate transaction depend on the transaction. Some tasks may take minutes, hours, or even days to complete, while some may not be needed.

These tasks reflect the level of skill, knowledge and attention to detail required in today’s real estate transaction, understanding the importance of having help and guidance from someone who fully understands the process – a REALTOR®.

REALTORS® are pledged to uphold the stringent, enforceable tenets of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics in their professional dealing with the public. Remember, not every real estate registrant holds REALTOR® membership or MLS® access; make sure yours does!

Before you List

Selling a home is said to be one of the most stressful event one will go through in their lifetime. Lyne & Dominique endeavour to make it as stress-free as possible. In order to do so, the team provides potential Buyers with as much information as possible, in order to ease the process. The following information, if available, allows Buyers to make an informed decision, and avoids surprises down the road.

Building Inspection

Having a pre-listing building inspection will allow you to remedy potential problems prior to going on the market. It reduces the possibility of unpleasant surprises once an offer has been accepted. It would also allow you to obtain estimates for repairs prior to listing your home on the market.

Building Permits

If renovations have been done to the property, it will be very important to determine if all necessary building permits were obtained, and whether the final occupancy permit was received. If you are uncertain, Lyne & Dominique and their associates will suggest obtaining a Compliance Report from the City, which would provide you with the permit activity.

Many communities were built with restrictive covenants, in order to maintain a certain look and feel to the area. The covenants could restrict the use of the property. Having a copy of the registered covenants will ensure a Buyer is making an informed decision.


A survey is a document that shows the dimensions of your lot. It may also show the location on registered easements, encroachments, and structures. Although not required in Ontario, it is a good document to have on file.

Land Survey

This notice is provided my the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). It indicates the amount of your phased-in assessments, which your property taxes are based on. It also provides information related to your property, such as square footage and age of the home.


Preparing your home for sale may seem like an intimidating task at first, but with a systematic approach, it can be done efficiently. We only have one chance of making a good first impression, so here is a checklist to help you identify what needs to be done.


  • Lawns and shrubs trimmed;

  • Gardens weeded;

  • Driveway, walkways, and deck free of leaves and/or snow;

  • Front and garage doors freshly painted or cleaned;

  • Door hardware functioning properly;

  • House number visible from the street.


  • Boot tray and mat easily accessible;

  • Organize and de-personalize the living space;

  • Paint where needed, especially trim and hallways;

  • Thermostat should be set to ensure comfortable temperature;

  • Cracked or broken window panes and seals should be replaced or repaired;

  • Fireplaces cleaned;

  • Ensure all light bulbs are functioning;

  • Clean grout and seals in kitchen and bathrooms;

  • Repair any leaky taps and toilets;

  • Oil noisy door hinges;

  • Any items smaller than your hand should be packed away;

  • A thorough cleaning of your home should include windows inside and out, appliances inside and out, dusting of trim, crown mouldings, and light fixtures.

Preparing your home for sale:

  • Fresh flowers and fruit to help create a warm feeling;

  • Ensure your home smells fresh by airing out the rooms (weather permitting);

  • Ensure your pet is out of the home or contained during showings. Bowls and litter boxes should be cleaned daily;

  • Ensure you have removed objects of sentimental or monetary value;

  • Toilets should be flushed and seats should be down;

  • Fresh hand towels in bathrooms;

  • When possible, turn lights on and open window treatments

Picture Day and Showings

This may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry, you are in good hands.
Lyne & Dominique have been through this process many times, and will be there for you during the entire process.

We are here to help, so let’s get started. Contact Lyne & Dominique today.